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Introduction to Tarot
Wisdom Tools for Modern Times

Upcoming Dates: See Schedule at FundamentalFengShui.com

This workshop is offered several times throughout the year. Please contact us to receive personal notification of upcoming dates. 

You’re invited to a very special day as together we explore the wisdom and power of Tarot as a tool for healing and personal transformation. This unique and original workshop introduces the complex system of Tarot in a way that you can immediately understand. From the first day you will be able to access the cards for personal guidance and illumination of your own wisdom path.

Through Interactive Presentations and Practice You Will 
  • Learn the format and structure of the deck 
  • Give and receive two complete readings 
  • Discover the wisdom teachings of the Major Arcana
  • Receive specific tools for expanding your intuitive abilities
  • Access clear information about the gifts and opportunities awaiting you
  • Identify and release limiting beliefs or difficulties in your life
  • Understand how to use the tarot as a tool in your daily practice

Designed for Beginners and Intermediates Alike

People of all levels have found immense value in this tarot workshop. Whether you are completely new to the tarot or simply desire a clearer understanding of how to work with the cards, this day will be of value. 

You are welcome to bring your own cards. There will also be tarot decks available to use during the day. More detailed information is provided with registration.

Cost: See Schedule
Deposit: $40 due when you register
When: See Schedule
Time: 10 am - 4:30 pm
Location: Pacific Crest School, 600 NW Bright Street, Seattle WA, 98117

Tarot Workshop Registration 

Register Early Class size is limited to ensure individual attention. 

To make other payment arrangements please Email: beth@fundamentalfengshui.com  

Seattle Tarot Circle
This is an exciting new group for students of the tarot. We meet monthly in a creative environment that supports exploration and practice with the cards. 
Tarot Circle members enter here

Membership in the Seattle Tarot Circle is open to all those interested in the exploration and study of the Tarot as a tool for transformation. If you're interested in joining us, please email beth@fundamentalfengshui.com.

Please Register Online or Email for Registration

Online Booking Application
Phone: 206-605-2506

The Empress Card from the Thoth Deck

"This is a wonderful class! I highly recommend this workshop for novices as well as for those like me, who've been dabbling in the cards for decades. Beth offers an extraordinary amount of information, including history, themes that run through the suits and major arcana, a large assortment of spreads, and an introduction to various decks. She also integrates her understanding of Tarot with other healing modalities, for a very holistic approach."  ~Lara F., Seattle

“I’ve taken Tarot classes in the past, and had my own cards but never used them. This is the first time I ever understood the energy of the cards. Since Beth’s workshop I’ve been doing personal readings every morning. I’m receiving amazing benefit from this opportunity to trust my intuition and access such powerful guidance. “ ~ Alison Marks, Inside Out Design Coaching, San Francisco