The Empress

Tarot Card for the Week: The Empress and the Ninth Wave 

There are many systems and teachers pointing to the importance of the times we are living in. From a Big Picture perspective we are in the midst of a process of transformation of consciousness.

From the perspective of one of the ancient teachings, the Mayan Calendar, this week we crossed another threshold, both personally and globally, in the process of our collective transformation. On Wednesday of this week (March 9, 2011) we entered the ninth wave of the calendar.  (For more information on this event, see footnote at the end of this article.)

From our larger, non-physical perspective, this is a time we have anticipated for eons.  In other words, regardless of whether these days sometimes feel unbelievably stressful, from the perspective of our Larger Selves, they are exhilarating beyond belief!


In my personal meditation this week, on the morning of March 9th, I asked for a tarot card for support in understanding the process of transformation. My intention was to understand the best way for me to be present to the opportuntities.  I drew "The Empress."


The Empress teaches about the power of unconditional love. This is love with wisdom. A love anchored in the Divine, and authentically expressed in the World. While the High Priestess experiences Love through relationship with the Divine, the Empress brings that love to Earth. The Empress teaches about how to be a true inhabitant of the Earth, while living fully from the Heart. More than anything else, she teaches about the importance and necessity of love of Self. All else stems from this.


The wave of consciousness we are riding (the “ninth wave”) is emanating from the very center of the Universe.  The Empress reminds us this week of the necessity of strengthening our connection to the planet and to each other. We are engaged in a process of transformation , and we are all in this together.  By anchoring authentically in our relationships we create a community of consciousness. This stability will support us as we transcend the Old World.


For students of the tarot, for more understanding of the teachings of The Empress and The Path of Heart, we can look to other cards related to the constellation of The Empress. Other cards related to the Empress include: #12 The Hanged Man ( 1+2 reduces to #3); and  #21 The Universe (2+1 reduces to #3). These cards transmit powerful teachings about learning to live authentically in these times.


The Hanged Man teaches us about learning to transcend our fear.

The birth pangs we experience now can certainly be painful, however they are a necessary aspect of our transformation. The Hanged Man calls us to new levels of our own spiritual evolution. This process can raise fear, especially when we lose sight of the big picture.


I woke up Friday morning to the news of the tsunami in Japan and a related volcanic eruption in Indonesia. Mother Earth is experiencing her own birth pangs, and these earth changes can most certainly raise fear. On a personal level, we are being asked to leave behind whatever doesn’t serve us. We can recognize the patterns that no longer serve us by the degree of discomfort they cause. As difficult physical or emotional situations occur in your life, pay attention most of all to your own inner experience. What are the emotions that arise? What are the limiting belief systems or thoughts that are creating suffering? These represent your potentials for healing.


The Universe  teaches us about the power of the Self, emerging as a citizen of the Universe. This is a Self fully actualized, at once an individual and a member of the whole.


The Universe card expresses the ultimate teaching of the Mayan Calendar, which has to do with our emergence as full citizens of the community of the Universe. The calendar accurately maps the evolution of consciousness, beginning with the Big Bang, through the formation of the earth, to the present time. We are on the threshold of a New Age. This is what the ninth, and final, wave represents.


In the most fundamental sense we are now at the point in our evolution where we have the opportunity to leave behind old ideas of separation and fear, and step forward as citizens of the whole. This understanding is the Universe card fully expressed.

Many blessings to you all as we ride the wave together!


Practical Tools for Riding the Ninth Wave

  1. The most important place to put your attention in these times is to your own practice of self love. This means cultivating complete self acceptance and forgiveness.
  2. After self love comes appreciation. Each day set the intention to focus on what is working. See the beauty and sacred perfection of All that Is.
  3. Care for your physical body. Drink lots of fresh water every day. Eat healthy whole foods. Get enough sleep. Spend time outside every day. Limit your exposure to substances that lower your frequency (sugar, alcohol, processed foods, etc).
  4. In your relationships, above all else, practice authenticity. To yourself and to others show up as who you really are. Speak your truth. Be willing to release attachment to outcome. This will allow for the creative potential to emerge.
  5. Remember that when you are triggered by others they are really just activating the unhealed or unaccepted parts of yourself. Look within when someone else is bothering you. You’ll know you’ve done your work when that issue is no longer a trigger! 
  6. Where there are choices to be made, remember the teaching of The Empress: move down from the mind and operate from your heart. Be willing to release old forms of rigidity and attachment in order to expand into new realities and new ways of Being. Be aware of your emotions, ground your life force into the planet, and you will know what to do. 


Many blessings to you all as we ride the wave together!

Note: For more information on the Mayan calendar you can visit Carl Calleman's website at