Tarot Circle Group Guidelines

Group Guidelines 

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Purpose: The Seattle Tarot Circle exists to create a forum and container which allows for the creative exchange of ideas, inspiration, wisdom,  and inquiry around the study and practice of Tarot. The group is administered by Elizabeth Schermer, and was inspired by her Tarot students, who desired the opportunity for a community of on-going practice in their work with the cards. 


We meet in-person in Seattle once a month, usually on First Mondays.


Membership:  We welcome all those interested in the study and practice of Tarot as a tool for intuitive guidance and personal growth.  In order to preserve the special nature of this group, we ask that all new members be invited through the network of existing membership. In this way as we grow we will maintain the energy field of trust and respect that allows us to do deep and authentic work together.

Guidelines for New Members:  New members to the Tarot Circle must be either invited by a current member, or attend an "Introduction to Tarot" workshop.  If you know of someone who is interested in participating, we ask that they attend their first circle as your guest. Please also send the administrator (Elizabeth Schermer) a quick email in advance to introduce the new member. We ask that the new member attend their first circle as your guest. 

Beginners are welcome to attend. The format of the group allows for dynamic exchange between all levels and abilities. Since this is an interactive study group, and not a formal workshop or teaching situation, we ask that each participant of the Tarot Circle come prepared to participate in readings, with their own deck and resource text.


Group Agreements

We request that all members of the group agree to the following basic guidelines of group protocol: 

We commit to an environment of trust, confidentiality, and respect. To this end we honor the following agreements:

  1. All members agree to honor the confidentiality of what is shared within the group. In other words, conversations within the group stay within the group. Of course, what you learn here and in our monthly meetings can be shared, but not the personal details or identities of members.  
  2. All members agree to hold respect for all opinions shared and all levels of experience. Each member is honored for their perspective and approach to their work with the cards. 
These agreements are essential to the health and success of our work together. Participants who are not able to meet these agreements may be asked to leave the group.