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Seattle Tarot Circle

A group dedicated to the study and celebration of wisdom through the Tarot

Welcome to the Seattle Tarot Circle webpage. This page contains Membership Guidelines, Group Agreements, and Information on Upcoming Circles, as well as Upcoming Workshops and Events. 

If you are new to the group, or this is your first time visiting the page, please take a few moments to read the Group Guidelines and Agreements. The group protocol is an important foundation of the powerful and personal work we do together. 

Because of the very special nature of the group, membership in the Tarot Circle is by invitation only. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Elizabeth (beth@fundamentalfengshui.com) for more information. 

If you plan to attend the next Circle, please use the online booking application below to reserve your spot.  

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Online Booking and Scheduling Application 
Tarot Circle Group Guidelines

Upcoming Workshops

Introduction to Tarot: A Path to Wisdom and Personal Power

The next workshop will be offered Fall of 2012. Contact us to receive early notice.

Introduction to Tarot:
A Path to Wisdom and Personal Power

You’re invited to a very special day as together we explore the magic and power of Tarot. This unique and original workshop introduces the complex system of Tarot in a way that you can immediately understand. Through interactive presentations and practice you will learn to:

  • Understand the format and structure of the deck 
  • Learn specific tools for expanding your intuitive abilities 
  • Access clear information about the gifts and opportunities awaiting you 
  • Identify and release limiting beliefs or difficulties in your life 
  • Conduct your own readings 
  • Use the tarot as a tool in your daily practice 
People of all levels, from beginners to intermediate practitioners, have found immense value in this workshop. So, whether you are completely new to the tarot or simply desire a clearer understanding of how to work with the cards, this day will be of value. You are welcome to bring your own cards. There will also be decks available to use during the day. More detailed information is provided when you register.

In the course of the day you will receive two personal readings and direct coaching and support.

This workshop is offered several times throughout the year. Contact us if you have a conflict with the posted dates.

When: Next Workshop Offered Fall 2012, contact us to be notified in advance
Time: 10 am - 5:00 pm
Cost: $135
Location: Pacific Crest School, 600 NW Bright Street, Seattle 98103

Register online Online Booking and Scheduling Application or email beth@fundamentalfengshui.com

Introducing Online Booking for Tarot Circle and Tarot Workshops

Reserve early. The Tarot Circle is limited to the first 12 sign-ups. 

Upcoming Tarot Circles: 
We meet on the first Monday of each month. Mark your calendar!

2012 Dates:
January 9
February 6
March 5
April 2
May 7
June 4
July and August, TBD
September 10 (after Labor Day)
October 1
November 5
December 3

Time: 7-9:30 pm 
Location: 8406 6th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117 
Cost: $20.00 

The Format: 
The tarot circle is a combination of discussion, presentation, and personal readings. 

Members are welcome to bring questions and observations for discussion. The presentation is currently focusing on group interpretations of a spread thrown in advance. Elizabeth will throw a 3 card spread, with the group in mind, and send the spread out by email so that each person can explore their own interpretation of the cards and the overall message. When we meet we will share perspectives. This allows for a rich exchange of understanding and perspectives. 

The second half of the evening involves small group readings. Each person has the opportunity to throw a spread. During this time you will receive a personal reading from the group and also have the opportunity to practice your intuitive skills, reading for others. This format is valuable for beginners to advanced practitioners.

If you are new to the group please familiarize yourself with the Group Guidelines:  

Because of the special nature of the circle, membership is by invitation only. If you would like to attend Tarot Circle, please contact Elizabeth for more information.