Dowsing Workshops

Dowsing Workshops

Introduction to Dowsing

Connecting with Your Body’s Wisdom

This Workshop is not currently scheduled. Please email for tentative workshop dates.

Dowsing is an ancient art and practice that trains your body to read the subtle energy fields all around you. Everyone can learn to dowse. This introductory workshop, scheduled over three evenings, will expose you to a variety of techniques and practices. You will develop confidence in your own dowsing signal and learn to access a variety of information fields.

This Dowsing Workshop Explores
  • Basic programming and protocol with pendulum and dowsing rods
  • Practice with a variety of exercises and activities
  • Pendulum dowsing for health, such as with food and water
  • Reading energy fields with dowsing rods – emfs, personal fields, earth energies
  • Using blessing and intention for food and water
  • Using blessing and intention to clear imprinted energies in spaces
  • How to dowse for information
  • Dowsing with charts and how to develop your own

Dowsing rods and pendulums will be available for use and purchase.
New Dowsing Workshop dates will be available soon. Email for an advanced copy.