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Flying Stars for 2012


One powerful way to be sure that your home is properly "tuned" and activated for the coming year is to work with annual cycles of energy that move through your home. 


Here are two traditional cures that are always worth considering, and easy to locate in your home. I've suggested some simple ways you can work with these energies.

  • Prosperity 8 Star is in the West this year. Clear clutter, add flowers, water, and activity. Spending time in this sector will also activate prosperity potential.
  • Draining 5 Star is in the Southeast. This energy can lead to disruptions and difficulties in your life. Clear clutter. A powerful cure for this star is the traditional salt water cure.


To locate these areas in your home use a compass. If you have had a consultation from me, you can use your floor plan to locate the right spot in your home.  (Note; If you use a compass, be sure to take your reading outside, as indoor magnetic fields distort the compass reading.)


If you haven't yet experienced the power of a Feng Shui consultation you can schedule a complementary phone session to learn how my work can directly support your life. Be sure to email if available times are full or don't work for you. 

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