· Feng Shui Testimonials

Feng Shui Testimonials

Fundamental Feng Shui and Elizabeth Schermer

Testimonials: Consultations in Homes

"One of the reasons I hired Beth was to attract more clients to my practice. Within a week after following Beth’s simple instructions, I had a sudden increase in my business that has never dissipated. My health and relationships flourish as well. As I continue over time to implement the changes and additions that Beth and I discussed, my home becomes increasingly comfortable, and increasingly pleasing to the eye and to the soul. I unequivocally recommend Beth Schermer’s loving touch for your environment and your life."
Nancy Heller, Therapist

"Fundamental Feng Shui is like therapy for your home. Beth combines comprehensive evaluation tools, compassionate listening and skillful intuition. I previously felt at cross-purposes with my home. Beth located and healed draining earth energies. She also understood the ways our environment could better support our family life, making simple and creative changes to living areas and bedrooms that really worked. Beth’s advice was both helpful and transforming and we are thriving." Jane Pemberton, M.D., Cranio-Sacral Therapist

"I am so appreciative of Beth’s work. My home now feels healthy and light, and I’m truly comfortable here for the first time in nine years. In many ways the two-hour session with Beth was more effective and productive than our nine-month remodeling project!" Pam Brisse, Artist

"The results from Beth’s visit were immediate. Previously my savings account seemed to be dropping like crazy, almost out of control. The very next day this stopped, and my account has maintained a constant balance ever since. A second immediate result concerned my niece, who always had difficulty sleeping. Beth found and harmonized draining energies that ran through her bed. She moved the underground stream and the next morning my niece informed me that she “slept like a log.” The interesting thing was that I hadn’t yet told her about Beth’s visit!" Diane McCrimmon

Testimonials:  Consultations in Businesses and Schools

"Since my session with Beth, the feel and functionality of my classroom have improved dramatically. The transformation has been remarkable; children and visitors have exclaimed enthusiastically over the changes and the school year has been happier and more creative than ever before. On a personal level, I look forward to being in my room every day. I’m thrilled with the new infusion of energy and inspiration that has come into my teaching." Katie Peterson, Educator

"With a new job I inherited a very large office space with a lot of clutter. Beth came up with an arrangement that made the room feel great. My new environment allows me to feel good and do the work I need to in a creative, positive way. Beth is confident, intentional and intuitive. Her work in your home or office can help to make a real difference in your life!" Kimberly Kinzer, School Administrator

Testimonials: Realtors, Home Buyers and Sellers

"My home was on the market with a very reputable real estate agent for eleven months and, inexplicably, we received no offers. Within two weeks of Beth’s work on the space we received two competing offers. The house closed easily – and for more than the asking price! My only regret is that I didn’t hire Beth much earlier in the process. I highly recommend her services and will absolutely use her in the future for any home or office I occupy, buy or sell." Kellie Caruso, Speech Language Pathologist

"We were between tenants with our rental house and wanted to attract not just a good renter, but someone who would stay more than one year. The house had been vacant for a couple of weeks when Beth came to do a space clearing. It was a wonderful experience and boy did it work! That evening the perfect renter walked through the door and rented the house on the spot. She has remained an excellent tenant for well over a year." ~ Michelle Driano

"Beth brings intuitive intelligence to Feng Shui. It is always a joy to collaborate with her and my Real Estate clients before their homes come on the market."
Loretta Turner, Realtor

Testimonials: Services to Architects

"Beth’s work went far beyond my expectations. In addition to practical advice on colors and room arrangements, I received information on how each member of the family relates to our space and our own best directions. The insights and wealth of information were exciting and gave us a fresh relationship with our home." ~ Alexandra Immel, Architect 

"Beth's talents created such a harmonious tone throughout our entire remodel project. By hiring her before construction began, to prepare our home energetically for the big changes ahead, our project commenced with clarity, positive intentions and a strong sense that the work would go smoothly. She provided us with tools to facilitate our intentions throughout the project and as a result, we have had a fantastic experience! Everything went so smoothly and our home has been transformed as we had desired and intended. I highly recommend Beth as a consultant to any home remodeling endeavor." Jean Lehman. Occupational Therapist

Testimonials: Workshops and Seminars

"The very day I took Raising the Roof, I began the process of clearing useless clutter from my home and subsequently from my mind. As a result, I now have the energy to pursue creative endeavors that have been on my “someday list” for a long, long time." Bonnie Namba

"Previous attempts to “brighten” the energy in my home were unsuccessful. In Beth’s workshop I learned tools for making changes that have worked. Now my space feels fresh, alive and very loving, and I look forward to coming home at the end of the day." ~ Kristi Dutcher, Physical Therapist 

Feng Shui Flower Arrangement

I consulted Beth for her Feng Shui services when my husband and I wanted to move overseas. The contract had been promised to us for many months, but hadn't arrived, and I wanted to speed the process. Beth harmonized the earth energies and then offered suggestions on de-cluttering. In one amazing example, she suggested I clean out the clutter inside a dresser. I told her I already had, and she replied, "You still need to do drawer number three." She knew it needed cleaning without ever looking inside the drawer and she was right -- that was the one drawer I hadn't cleaned yet! We implemented Beth’s suggestions. Three weeks later, the contract came through and we moved to Switzerland!"~ Valorie Fangor, Writer