Welcome to the Dragon Year

Welcome to the Dragon Year

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Freedom from Old Patterns:

Over the past several weeks I have personally experienced remarkable energy shifts. We have the opportunity now to experience new levels of freedom surrounding patterns that have bound us in the past, so that we will be able to fully access our strengths, and fly with the Dragon.


The opportunity for healing is held in patterns you've felt trapped in, perhaps for lifetimes. These patterns, or themes, appear over and over. You recognize these situations because they carry a charge that “hooks” you. The Universe offers these circumstances, over and over, until we have done our work and no longer get hooked.


As circumstances activate the old patterns, your own habitual responses – your emotional “tethers” to the pattern – will be activated. You will recognize the feeling of familiarity of the pattern and your emotional or physical response. You may think, “Here this is again. I thought I was done with this!” Pay attention, however. There is a special opportunity now. You may notice, as you hold space for the experience, that even if the activation is strong, the pattern doesn't hold the same grip on you. Instead of heavy chains, you are coming to the place where you can release the “tether” that holds you to the past.


A Process for Embracing Your Strengths

We are each being called to complete the themes that tether us to an old reality of victimhood or "not enough-ness." Whatever the specific frequency, whenever we experience ourselves the victim of circumstance, we give away our power.


If you have been experiencing stress or difficulty (either physical or emotional), look at the triggering circumstances and see if you can recognize the old pattern that is being activated. You may also recognize the pattern of your own personal response of physical or emotional pain. The experience may be physical, such as an injury or illness; or it may be emotional, such as depression, anger or resentment. The experience may be mild, as an irritant; or intense, as a feeling of being trapped or smothered.


Whatever the trigger and your response, ground and breathe into the pain. Send love to the pain. Know that this experience is offering an opportunity. Through your breath you will release your attachment to the pain body and begin to feel a core of strength within you. This is the core of strength you have developed through this lifetime of working with this pattern. As you breath into your strength and awareness of Self, you will feel this sense of Self deepen and anchor in you. Own that core of strength. As you place your awareness there it will expand. As it expands you will see or feel your Self begin to expand within the circumstance. Your old experience of pain body will fall away and you will experience inspiration, confidence and eagerness, as you come to an awareness of your strength in the face of this life-long pattern.


In some cases, it may be helpful to explore this pattern further. If you can, give the pattern a name, such as Worry, Fear, Abandonment, Resentment, Exhaustion, Depletion, Overwhelment, even Annihilation. As you hold space for the pattern, and look at it objectively, you may see the connection to your lineage. You may see the pattern as it appeared in your own life, and also as it appeared in lives before yours, moving as an energetic thread or cord back through the generations. This process can help you in releasing any blame you hold to your parents, as they were simply carriers, caught in the same pattern as yourself.


As you explore the pattern, now you can also explore the deeper strength and precious gift that lies beneath and embedded there. Every shadow, every fear, is just a fragment of a larger strength, gift, ability, or truth. Explore the larger truth held in this ancient pattern. What is the deeper gift? Therein lies your strength – the strength you bring now, the strength that has been tempered and refined through this experience. Very likely it is a strength carried deep within the lineage itself, waiting to be claimed.


Claim this strength. As you do so, you may feel the support and appreciation of your Ancestors. From their larger non-physical perspective they understand your challenges. They are holding space and supporting your healing journey here on Earth.


Send love to yourself. Send love to the circumstances, love to your pain, love to all of the teachers and situations that have brought you to this point.

Send appreciation. To your Guides, to the Ancestors, to the Universe of infinite love and wisdom.


Connecting to Your Authentic Sense of Self

The Dragon Year will be a year of action - imagine that your life literally takes flight. There will be no choice but to ride the wave. Action will be called for.

During this year when anything is possible, it is important to anchor into your own sense of authentic Self. There is much possibility available, and the activity of the year will require that you come to a strong degree of personal alignment.

  • Get in touch with your own center.
  • Embrace your strengths and gifts.
  • Align with your sense of Authentic Self and what you value.
  • Relish your sense of unlimited potential as a Co-Creator with the Universe.


When you embrace your strengths and gifts, you can anchor in your sense of accomplishment and awareness of the unique contributions you bring to the planet. As you connect with your strength, you will feel a resonance with your larger Divine Self, and your actions will flow in alignment with the highest potentials.


Remember all that you have learned through your lifetime, and then when the year lifts off, you will soar.

Determining the Date of the 
New Year


The New Year in the Taoist system is celebrated at the energetic midpoint between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox.


The Solar New Year is nearly always on February 4th or 5th, which lies exactly  halfway between the solstice and equinox. Called the "cross quarter day" in the ancient European calendar, this is the traditional first day of spring, as it marks the period when the energy shifts and spring is born. 


The Lunar New Year falls at the second new moon after the winter solstice. This year the new moon is on Feb 22nd, so the Lunar New Year is celebrated on February 23rd. This is the period when Lunar Energies are most strongly aligned to support the energies of the transitioning annual cycle.


Pain Body


The term "Pain Body," as used by Eckart Tolle (see A New Earth) , describes the collective field of human consciousness holding basic frequencies of  fear, separation, scarcity, and lack. Built over tens of thousands of years, this energy field has a strong life force, a type of consciousness. When we personally experience a fear-based emotion such as lack, resentment, worry or  anger, our energy field comes into alignment with that aspect of the pain body that exists in the larger field of consciousness. 


Unless we are aware of what's happening, whenever the pain body is activated, there is a tendency for us to be absorbed by that larger field and begin to identify with it.  It is possible, before awareness of what is happening, to live an entire lifetime within the confines of the pain body's energy field. When we are inside we mistake the feelings and experiences for our own, not realizing that we are actually possessed or engulfed by this larger powerful life force.


In every moment there is the possibility for healing. Another way to talk about healing is to say that we "remember who we are."

Understanding the existence of the pain body is the first step in this experience of remembering and reconnecting with our larger authentic Self. When we are confronted with circumstances and situations that  activate old patterns, we have the opportunity to take a breath. The breath brings us to the present moment and allows for a movement of separation.  Once we can begin to separate, we experience the painful emotion as not "us" but simply a larger energy field. Then we can begin to  face the old pattern as a separate experience, part of our past.


Once we no longer identify with the energy field of the pain body, we begin to stand outside as a witness. This is the vantage point of our larger Self.  Once we understand our own pain body as simply a piece of the larger pain body, we can also recognize within the experience our own wounded younger self waiting to be reclaimed.