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"I am so appreciative of Beth's work. My home now feels healthy and light, and I'm truly comfortable here for the fist time in nine years." P.B. Seattle

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Tarot Card for the Week

Tarot Card for the Week: The Empress and the Ninth Wave 

As many of you may know, on Wednesday of this week (March 9, 2011) we entered the ninth, and final, wave of the Mayan Calendar.  Many teachers are saying that we have crossed the threshold into the final evolutionary stages of a transformation of consciousness, both personally and globally. When I asked for a card to help me understand the best way to be present to the potential of the transformation,  I drew “The Empress.” The Empress teaches about the power of unconditional love. This is love with wisdom, anchored in the Divine and authentically expressed in the world. Read Full Article...

Elizabeth Schermer's Fundamental Feng Shui | Seattle, WA on 1-30-12 before site redo.