Choquequirao is the sacred sister city to Machu Picchu.  It was a hub of ancient culture. The area holds ancient ritual sites to the Sun, the Ancestors, the Earth, Water, and other deities, and is a powerful place for ceremony.  Still very remote, accessible only by a difficult two or three day hike from Cusco, it receives just 1% of the total annual visitors to Machu Picchu.  

Macu Picchu,The Lost City of the Incas

The Sacred Valley

Terraces at Pisaq 

Granaries at Ollantaytambo

Instructions for Open Participation for the 
Full Moon Ceremony

Choquequirao, Peru: Full Moon May 17th

The Ancient Peru Activation Trek: 

In May Elizabeth and Irene will travel to Peru for sacred healing work.  Here's a summary of what we're most excited about:
  • We have planned healing rituals at four ancient spiritual sites. During this incredible journey, sacred activation ceremonies will be releasing ancient energies buried deep in these sacred sites. 

  • Cosmic timing is creating the potential for a global healing impact. The largest healing activation will occur at the Full Moon Ceremony at Choquequirao, one of the most remote ancient power sites in Peru. The trek there is difficult and strenuous. Our Activation Ceremony at Choquequirao will be amplified by the amazing energies of the Full Moon, as well as remote (distance) participation of people who will assist us from around the world. 

  • We will be traveling with the intentions of many people, and everyone can help. If the healing energies can be multiplied 100 times, through at least 100 people assisting, then the opportunity exists to circulate and anchor this healing around the world. This is the incredible potential of all of the circumstances that have lined up at this time. 

  • This is YOUR invitation to be a part of this Once-in-a-Lifetime Event. Everyone is welcome. We are inviting you to join us in the Full Moon Activation Ceremony on May 17th. You can participate from your home to help magnify the healing energies. See this pdf link to receive your personal guide for the full moon ceremony.  

  • If you are interested in participating more directly, we are offering two forms of personal healing sessions. The special offer details and sign-up are located at the bottom of this page. Through these sessions you will receive powerful personal healing, and at the same time help circulate these healing energies worldwide.  

  • Read on to learn more about the special details of the trip. 

A Once-In-a-Lifetime Event 

Details of the Trek

Our Peru Activation Trip will include ceremony at four sacred sites.

Newsletter and Peru Updates

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Information for Open Participation in the Full Moon Ceremony

Through powerful ceremony and ritual, we will be activating the planetary release of ancient healing energy at the power sites of Pisaq, Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu, and Choquequirao. The rituals will culminate in a rare Planetary Activation Ceremony on May 17th.

The largest ritual will be during our trek, at the powerful Full Moon Ceremony at Choquequirao on May 17th. This ancient city was the site of powerful ceremonies over many centuries, honoring the Earth, the Ancestors, and all the Elements. Because it is so remote, the site is still relatively undisturbed, and the sacred wisdom stored in the earth will be easily accessible. Because it is untraveled we will also have privacy for this powerful work we will be undertaking.

Divine Timing has created the perfect opportunity. I was told intuitively when I was nine years old that one day I would take an extremely important trip to Peru. All of my adult life I have held this message and waited. I knew that the circumstances would align when the time was right. When I learned of the opportunity to travel to Peru for healing and ceremony work with two dear friends, I was overwhelmed with excitement and I knew the time had come. We have been intuitively guided to work at several sacred sites, with the most powerful work being done at a Full Moon healing and activation ceremony at Choquequirao. We weren't surprised to learn of the extraordinary astrological alignments occurring at that time. Not only is the timing perfect, but it reaffirms our intuitive guidance about the Cosmic support for a major planetary shift.

Cosmic Support for our Ceremony. The May 17th Full Moon in Peru is activating the cosmic support for a powerful release of ancient energies stored deep within the earth. This release of energy is cosmic in origin, but flowing through the ancient Peruvian culture. This energetic release has the capacity to imprint the entire planet with a new sense of unity through the pattern of peaceful, harmonious living that was a foundation of the ancient people of this land. The land in the Andes is holding amazing structural power and knowledge that the world needs in order to remember how to honor Nature, and transform our relationships to others and the Earth.

Many indigenous healers are speaking of the importance of the Andes as the new emerging Spiritual Center of the planet. Our guidance is also echoing what the teachers are saying. An important part of our transition in "These Accelerated Times" is the return to a recognition and honoring of the Divine Feminine. The May Full Moon in Peru is helping to support this return to ancient ways of honoring the Earth and our connection to Her.

There is an urgency today regarding the circumstances on Mother Earth. Our ceremony will encompass powerful healing for the planet. This event has the potential to have a worldwide impact, as well as holding healing for the Ancestors, and those individuals who will travel with us energetically as remote (distance) participants.

We are all called to serve. The time is Now! We are each called in this time to access our own personal power and express our divine Gifts, in service to the Light. This trip is an expression and celebration of that commitment. We have been planning and working hard on the ritualistic details of our ceremonies.
Now we need your help. We have seen that our work will be amplified with the participation and intentions of many others. This magnification of community intentions will enable us to anchor the healing energies worldwide.

Follow the pdf link to the left to receive instructions on how you can send your healing intentions to the ceremony on May 17th.

If you are interested in traveling with us more directly and receiving the opportunity for remote healing work, then read on to learn about these two very special opportunities.

Special Offer: Join Our Adventure!

The Full Moon Ceremony at Choquequirao is an extremely rare and special event, when we will be connecting with powerful global and cosmic energies. We have designed a unique and powerful way for you to join personally in our ceremony.
By joining our adventure you will be a direct participant and receive the healing benefits of this work.

The Full Moon Activation Ceremony

As a participant you will receive direct personal healing and transformation. You will also be magnifying the power and scope of the ceremony of healing for the Earth, helping us unlock and anchor these ancient energies. Deadline for signup is Friday, April 29th. See link below.

You Provide Us:

  • A small personal photo of yourself 

  • Your written intentions for personal and planetary healing. 

  • Your contribution of $47.00 

You Will Receive:

  • Directions on how to send your photo and intentions. 

  •  Ways to personally participate in the ritual from your own home. 

  • Regular email updates throughout the month of April, outlining the trek, and the sacred sites we'll visit. 

  • The Powerful Healing Experience of the Ancient Peru Activation Ceremony on May 17th. Your personal and planetary intentions will be anchored and amplified. You will directly experience the healing connection with us in Peru, and with all of the others who are joining the Event. 

  • Your own copy of the Light Language Transmissions from the ceremony (1 -3 sheets), as well as a single, major glyph (symbol) transmitting the overall frequencies of the ceremony. You will receive these upon our return. 

  • As a Bonus, you will also receive a copy of the Light Language transmissions from the other three sites where we will do sacred ceremony. Finally, you will receive information on how to work with the Light Language transmissions and symbols for your own personal and planetary.

Personal Activation Sessions - Limited to 20 People

As a participant in the personal activation session you will receive remote energetic activations from all of the power sites we visit. In addition you will receive a personal energy session and light language transmission at a site specially selected for you. When we return to Seattle, you will be included in a private fire ceremony to receive another energetic transmission as well as special physical gifts bringing back the energies from Peru. Deadline for signup is Friday, April 29th. See link below

You Provide Us: 

  • A small personal photo of yourself 

  • Your written intentions for personal and planetary healing. 

  • Your contribution of $195.00 

You Will Receive: 

  • Everything mentioned in the Full Moon Ceremony offer, including complete participation in the powerful Full Moon Activation Ceremony. 

You Will Also Receive

  • Remote activation of your intentions at all four of the power spots we visit. 

  • A personal distance energy session, located at one of the ancient power spots. An advance dowsing (intuitive) session will determine which of the four major sites holds special power for you. 

  • Your personal energy session will happen at that special site. Your own Personal light language transmissions, scribed at the special power spot chosen by your Guides. 

  • A single Light Language glyph (symbol) which powerfully encodes the energies of your personal Light Language transmission. An individual Light Language Stone (porcelain rune) inscribed with your own personal Light Language glyph. 

  • A personal crystal, encoded with the frequencies from all of the sites we visit, and "tuned" to support your personal energy system. 

  • A Personal Invitation to a Private Sacred Fire Ceremony, June 11th. During this traditional and powerful Fire Ceremony, Irene and Beth will personally transmit to you the healing frequencies they brought back. You will also receive your scribed light language transmissions, your personal Light Language Stone, and personal crystal at this ceremony. The ceremony will be held at a beautiful home in Seattle. If you are not able to attend in person you will be included energetically (via distance healing work). In this case, your objects

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Elizabeth Schermer
 is a certified Feng Shui practitioner, Reiki Master and Intuitive, who specializes in harmonizing the energies within physical environments and the human energy system.  Elizabeth consults in homes and businesses throughout the Pacific Northwest and California, and also sees clients for personal energy sessions in her Seattle office. She also offers distance healing sessions for clients all over the world.

Irene Iris Ingalls
 brings the Universal Language of Light to the world in the form of Sacred Art. In addition to being a gifted artist, Irene also integrates other healing modalities, as a Reiki Master, Light Language Practitioner, Alchemical Healer, and a Certified Sound Healer. She lives and works in the Pacific Northwest and consults with clients worldwide, creating personal Light Language Paintings, as high vibrational talismans for Space and Self Transformation.