Connecting with the Other Side

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Connecting with the Other Side
Newsletter: Nov 1, 2011

Greetings on this first day of November. We are in the midst of one of my very favorite holidays and sacred times. 


We are currently exactly half way between the fall equinox and the winter solstice. This is known as a "cross quarter day" among those who celebrate the earth holidays. During these days we are able to more closely connect to other realms, including the realm of The Ancestors. This is because of what is called "The Thinning of the Veil," the veil being the energetic separation between us and the other non-physical realms. In the indigenous European ("pagan") tradition, we celebrate the coming of winter. The pagan name for this holiday was Samhain, and our modern versions include the holidays "All Soul's Day," and "The Day of the Dead." The origin of Halloween, in fact, comes from the Eve of All Soul's Day, the day of the "Hallowed." Thus: Hallowe'en.

Regardless of which holiday you celebrate, this is a special time of year to connect with those who have passed. The energetic membrane between the worlds thins during this week, and thus we have more ability to communicate with those who are on the Other Side. 


In order to connect with your loved ones, first access your feelings of appreciation for the gifts you have received from those who have passed. They are in another realm now, but they can still feel us, and still benefit from our loving thoughts. When you send appreciation, you also activate their ability to connect with you here.

The Ancestors are also available to offer support. They understand our experiences, since they too were here in this realm not so long ago. They have a unique perspective, and can offer unique support to our lives. Since they have moved on ahead of us, they are not behind in the past, but actually they exist in front of us - they are holding our energetic connection to the future. In this sense our ancestors are our guides. 

Although connecting with Ancestral support is not a strong tradition for many of us in this country, believe me, this realm is real!  I have had many profound healing experiences, both personally and in my work with clients. See below if you feel curious about learning more. 


In the meantime I'd like to share a simple ceremony that will enable you to connect right away - read on!  


In love and light,


Elizabeth Schermer
Fundamental Feng Shui


Creating an Ancestral Altar

Here is a suggestion for creating an Altar to help you connect to your loved ones and the Realm of Ancestral Support. Although you are welcome to make it more elaborate, there are only two objects required: a photograph and a candle.  

  • First, choose a photograph of your loved one(s). It doesn't matter their age in the image. This is a photo that communicates the essence of the person to you. Note: this does NOT need to be an ancestor whom you have met. Sometimes we feel a deep connection with someone who passed before we were born. (If you don't have a photo, then you can use any symbol or object that helps you connect to that person.)
  • Find a special place in your home for the photo.
  • Light a candle in front of the photo. I prefer to use tea lights for my altars since they are relatively safe. Put the tea light inside a clear glass container, and you can keep the candle lit even if you're not in the room. 
  • If desired, you can gather other special objects or symbols that remind you of your lineage. 
  • Offerings of food, chocolate, flowers, or other special foods unique to your lineage are also common objects on ancestral offerings. Bless these objects, place them on a small saucer, and they create a physical/energetic link between the realms.

When you activate your altar with your feelings of appreciation, you create the deeper connection to the support that is available from the Ancestral realm.

The veil is, indeed, thin in this season, especially today, tonight and tomorrow. Keep the altar in your home for the next few days. Light your candle when you want to activate the intentions. Add special foods, flowers, and other objects as offerings. Send loving appreciation and know that it is received. The Ancestors are loving you in return! 


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