New Insights into Synchronicity

Celebrating Contrast


There are so many significant happenings this Spring, and so many topics I could write about. It seems that every week (every day?) I am drafting another article to share with you. As you may have noticed, however, the intense momentum of Dragon Year energy has kept me moving very fast and all those drafts are waiting to be finished. As a result, it's been a while since you've heard from me.


In looking over the recent topics I've written about, there is one theme that has fascinated me for several weeks. It keeps emerging in my personal life, in conversation with friends, in energy sessions, and in group discussions. That topic has to do with the exploration of synchronicity. The abundance of synchronicities this Spring, combined with the extreme contrast within them. 


Until this personal revelation, I didn't even recognize difficult or uncomfortable events as "synchronicities." I saved that word for experiences that felt "good, " anywhere on the continuum from light and fun, all the way to magical and powerful, but not uncomfortable. Those experiences I called "problems." 


At last month's Tarot Circle, as we were sharing our experiences of Dragon Year intensity, we suddenly realized that everyone was talking about the same phenomenon of amazing patterns of synchronicity. Some people, however, were speaking of intense pleasure and others of intense discomfort. When we explored the energetic messages behind the patterns, it became very clear that all of them were significant. Some were about expansion into pleasure, and some were about activation and release of old patterns. They were all powerful and important.


So I've been watching. Paying attention with curiosity to my responses to ALL events that trigger me, not just the "good feeling" ones. It's amazing how much the present moment can shift when I realize that every circumstance is a synchronicity, and holds an opportunity to go inside as ask for the special meaning of the event.


I recently read an article entitled: "Comfort and Discomfort." It described a research study with Amoeba that demonstrated that, in order to thrive, even single cell organisms require contrast. Not only did the amoeba under constant stress fail to thrive, but so did those who lived in a constant environment of "pleasure." We all know this to be true on a practical level, but how often do we interact with discomfort in the moment as our friend?


Sometimes when I am exploring a new area of understanding, the lessons come in dramatic ways. 

A few days ago Steve and I were at the co-op, sitting in the car with our groceries, deciding what to do for dinner. At the same moment we both saw a large rat running across the parking lot, from one garden to the other, right in front of the car. Something felt important about the sighting. As I paused and held my curiosity, (doing my best to override my visceral disgust of "rat," the next moment a large hummingbird flew directly into the same bush from which the rat had emerged.  There was clearly a connection - the two events were linked. 


I have been playing with this image ever since, and the unlikely partnership of Rat and Hummingbird. This is a lovely example of polarity, and the importance of embracing  the totality of experience from Dark to Light. We often react to the rat (especially in the city) as a formidable opponent, even a creature of disgust. When we experience the full energy field however, as I have worked to do in the past few years, we can embrace pesky rats as powerful messengers of strength and resilience. The hummingbird, in contrast, holds an essence is pure Joy and lightness of being. It gifts us with the ability to thrive  from the nectar of the Beauty of life. 


This expanded frequency of Joy, however, cannot exist in the Hummingbird alone, but requires a full spectrum of experience. It has to be grounded in a complementary extreme. Joy and Ease exist on a  continuum, and without embracing the totality and experiencing the polarities, it is impossible to experience authentic Joy. 


So I am embracing Rat. I am embracing the discomfort of my first response, and the truth of Rat's determination, intelligence, and tenacious ability to survive. There is an aspect of Determined Strength in Rat that is the perfect complement to Hummingbird's Effervescent Joy.  


I leave you with this thought today: Celebrate contrast.  I invite you to create your own explorations of synchronicity and discomfort. I wish you a joyful, vibrant journey!


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