October 28th and 2012: The End Times or a New Birth?

posted Oct 31, 2011, 5:30 PM by Steven Shroyer   [ updated Mar 15, 2012, 3:20 PM by Elizabeth Schermer ]
October 28th and 2012: The End Times or a New Birth?

October 27, 2011

It is easy to be overwhelmed in the midst of the change that permeates our lives. You yourself may be in the midst of important, even painful, transitions. Regardless of the changes you are personally experiencing, you are certainly aware of the underlying frequency of uncertainty and fear that permeates our culture.

There is no denying that we are surrounded by transformation. Old power structures are obsolete. Citizens the world over are joining together and demanding the dismantling of old forms, which are based on domination and greed. This dismantling is showing up in our personal lives as well, sometimes in dramatic and even shocking ways. There are important and necessary reasons for what we are all going through.


The Mayan Calendar

October 28th, 2011, is commonly pointed to as the end of the Mayan calendar. Whether or not you personally subscribe to this theory, or other teachings about events coming in 2012, the larger culture mostly misunderstands the significance of what is unfolding. Dire predictions about all sorts of cataclysmic events in these days and the months to come create an energy field of fear. Even if you don't intellectually believe the "catastrophists," it's hard not to be affected by the fear underlying the culture at large.

In the midst of all that is unfolding, the feeling of chaos can be real. However, there is no need to be afraid. The truth is that we are in a powerful evolutionary process of birth, leaving the world we have known and moving into a new one. I believe we are standing on a new threshold. This is a new world that we, ourselves, are co-creating.

A New World Order - The Loving Heart

The new world that is emerging is grounded in the loving heart of Source Energy and the Divine Feminine. The Divine Feminine is being re-birthed and re-anchored today in Mother Earth, as part of a 13,000 year cycle of transformation.

As a part of this Cosmic shift we are each expanding into a clearer connection to Source Energy and the experience of our own Divine Light. As a result, old obsolete forms are dismantling. These old limiting beliefs and behaviors are tied to lack, fear, and disowning our Light. The changes today are calling us to release our own limitations and expand into our Divinity. Our work is to heal. When we do, we bring our Light to the planet.

What's in Store

There are more changes ahead. I believe the coming year is a time for huge transformation. The remaining weeks of 2011 are a time for you to prepare, by going deep in order to anchor the dreams of what you will create with your life.

The most important work you can do in the coming weeks is to get clear within, release what no longer serves you, and connect your loving heart to the heart of the planet. If you can ground into your own deep sense of security and trust you will be prepared for the powerful transformations that are to come in 2012. You will be prepared to fly!

As I say over and over, these are amazing times to be alive. This time is cause for celebration. It's also a time of hard work. Birth isn't always easy. In order to participate in our own evolution and expansion, we each have patterns of grief and pain and fear to release. Sometimes these patterns are buried so deeply we need circumstances of chaos or stress to activate and unearth them. Whatever trauma you may be currently experiencing, you can believe that within the difficulty and pain are the seeds of your own transformation.

Tools for Changing Times

This is Big Work. It's important now to develop tools and daily practices that will support you. Read below for an important process that can help.

A Personal Practice for Changing Times

This is a 4-fold process that you can use whenever you find yourself in a situation of stress or conflict. You will see that these four steps are actually powerful principles for life. As you read and work with these principles, pay attention to what shows up for you. Which parts of this process come easily? Which steps require more attention? Where do you feel resistance? Regular mindfulness will help you integrate these important principles into your daily life.

Show Up

This is the beginning of everything. In the midst of stress (as well as several times throughout the day) remember to connect to your inner Being and the present moment. Take a breath, ground to Mother Earth. and center your awareness in your heart. In this way you remember who you are and switch from doing to "Be"-ing. If you don't yet have personal grounding and centering practices this is the perfect time to seek them out. Grounding is an on-going challenge for us all.

Pay Attention

See, hear, and feel what is really present. Recognize "What Is" as a gift. Breath it in. Pay special attention to your own patterns of discomfort, stress and conflict. These are the clearest indicators of what you are leaving behind. Whatever feels "bad" is not You, but an aspect of pain body calling for your attention. Next turn your awareness to what feels good. This is who you really are. Pay attention to curiosity, eagerness, synchronicity, and your dreams. These are all aspects of your Higher Self calling you forward.

Tell the Truth

Speak of what inspires you. When you speak of what isn't working, you re-create the past in the present. Speak instead of appreciation, and amplify the truth of the good in the present moment. Speak as well of the eagerness of your dreams, and amplify the truth of what is to come. Hold to your own inner strength and conviction in your purpose. The inner truth of your dream is Real, even if you don't yet know the form it will take in the world.

Release Attachment to Outcome

For some of us this can be the most difficult of all. Be willing to release your ideas of the ways things have been or "should" be. If necessary, feel your authentic disappointment and grief. At the same time, allow your expectations to go. By holding to preconceived ideas we limit the possibility of what can be. Remember that the Universe holds infinite potential, much more than we can ever imagine. Hold to the feeling of what you desire, and realize that something even greater than you know may be coming into form.

These four processes are powerful teachers in my life. I find that as my experience of one deepens, I am called back to learn again from another. The spiral continues.

We are each engaged in a powerful process of spiritual evolution. The birth pangs can be painful and even feel like chaos, but there is no need to be afraid. Remember that Birth and Death are two sides of the same coin. Imagine the exhilaration as the butterfly's wings are released from the chrysalis. As the old falls away, feel the expansion of your birth, and breath in the light!

If you'd like to learn more about any of the processes I've mentioned, please contact me. Personal sessions and consultations offer powerful opportunities for clarity and inspiration in these times. I would be honored to support your own process of transformation.

Please email beth@fundamentalfengshui.com or call 206-605-2506.

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