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Feng Shui for Schools
Consultations in Schools and Learning Environments

With more than twenty years of experience in education and human development, Elizabeth is uniquely equipped to work with school communities. Each consultation is unique and designed to help you better serve your staff, students and parents.

Tailored Consultations to Meet your Needs
  • Classical Feng Shui analysis to enhance those areas with the highest potential to support prosperity and health.
  • Attention to entry ways and common gathering areas in order to foster an atmosphere of welcome and support to parents and students.
  • Special attention to administrative offices to ensure well being for those who work there.
  • Analysis of staff gathering areas in order to support a healthy staff culture.
  • Analysis of classroom spaces to create optimal learning environments.
  • Harmonizing of all earth energies and human imprinted energies. This provides an important aid to concentration and healthy communication within offices and classrooms. It is especially useful to clear previous energies before a new school year begins.
  • Recommendations for planned remodels, color changes and renovation to improve overall flow and functionality.
  • Ways to reduce draining effects of electromagnetic fields from computers and electronic equipment.
  • Recommendations on storage issues and ways to reduce effects of clutter.

School consultations support healthy learning environments and help you to create a culture that nurtures the staff and students as well as their parents.

Elizabeth is also available for workshops and presentations to parents and staff on a variety of topics. She welcomes the opportunity to support you in creating a vital community of learners.

Information: info@fundamentalfengshui.com
Personal Energy Work: Online Scheduling
Phone: 206-605-2506

Feng Shui Supporting Growth

"Since my session with Beth, the feel and functionality of my classroom have improved dramatically. The transformation has been remarkable; children and visitors have exclaimed enthusiastically over the changes and the school year has been happier and more creative than ever before. On a personal level, I look forward to being in my room every day. I’m thrilled with the new infusion of energy and inspiration that has come into my teaching." ~ Katie Peterson, Educator