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Personal Energy Work
Energetic Feng Shui Principles

We are energetic Beings living in physical bodies. Energy medicine addresses the whole Being: our emotional, mental and spiritual Selves as well as the physical. In personal energy sessions Elizabeth works with her clients to help them improve their state of health and well being, and come to a clearer sense of life purpose and path.

Sessions usually begin with a brief interview in which you have the opportunity to ask questions and give information about any aspects or concerns you wish to address. If you are new to energy medicine, you will also receive information about the human energy system and the function of your chakras.

Chakras are one important aspect of your energy system. Your chakras distribute life force throughout your body. Over time these energy centers tend to become clogged with stagnant energy from physical, emotional or mental stress. When a chakra is clogged, your energetic circulation system is restricted. This results in a variety of discomfort, from emotional distress to physical disease. In an energy session, the stagnant energy will be released and your system will be able to take advantage of the energizing life force energy that, like the air we breath, is always available.

If desired, your session will include an intuitive reading, using the Tarot. This enables you to receive direct guidance and clear messages regarding opportunities available in your life. After the intuitive reading, you will lie on a massage table. Elizabeth will place her hands gently on and above each of your chakras, moving to different areas to help your system release the stagnant energy held within your body and energetic field. Through this process your physical and energetic body will become clearer, your vibration will increase, and the chakras will take on more vibrant color and life force. All of this represents potential for improved health and well being. 

You will receive clear and direct intuitive guidance during your session. You will become aware of opportunities that await you, as well as the subconscious programming or limiting belief systems that are no longer serving you. These insights can help you become more aware of your gifts and talents. When there are old habits to release, you will receive tools and guidance to support this process.

Elizabeth has the ability to communicate directly with energetic beings from other dimensions. During your session, you may receive direct guidance from non-physical teachers and healers. There are many powerful Teachers available to support our journey on planet Earth. Your own personal guides may have messages for you, as well as Ascended Masters or Angels, or you may be visited by relatives or loved ones who have crossed over. This is different for every person and every session. It is impossible to predict what will happen, but the guidance received is always what is best for you in this particular time and place.

You will receive a digital recording of your session. Some people find it very helpful to refer back to the recording as they incorporate the guidance they have received.

Elizabeth communicates what she sees and hears with clarity and compassion. She will be honored to support your personal journey toward greater wellbeing and expansion.

In-person Sessions: $195 for a 90 minute session - located in North Seattle

Distance Phone Sessions: $125 per hour

To Schedule Your Session: Online Scheduling

For More Informationinfo@fundamentalfengshui.com 

Phone: 206-605-2506

Energetic Feng Shui and Personal Candle Work

"Energy work with Beth has cut though to core emotional issues in ways that traditional talk therapy has not. I leave our sessions feeling physical and spiritually refreshed ready to take on my life with new insight." ~ Catherine J MacDuffee, Songwriter