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Feng Shui for Realtors
Consultations for 
Real Estate, and Architects

Consultations for Realtors

Whether you are a Realtor or are preparing your own home for sale, Elizabeth will help to facilitate a smooth process and satisfying transaction. She will work with you to determine the needs of your space and create a plan for preparing your home for sale. The consultation generally takes place in a single visit.

Services are Broad and tailored to Your Needs
  • Enhancing Curb Appeal and Entries
A positive first impression is essential in attracting a buyer. We will identify the most significant elements and enhancements for creating that initial intuitive "yes" when a buyer arrives at the home.
  • Space Clearing
Elizabeth offers a variety of unique services that make your home energetically clear and available for prospective owners. These include harmonizing human imprinted energies and alleviating draining earth energies. Although these elements are invisible they are perceived unconsciously. As a result, when these energies are present they can make potential buyers hesitant or even create obstacles in the process. When the space is harmonized, buyers will feel confident and the sale can proceed smoothly.
  • Minimizing Clutter
It is important to create a space that feels visually and energetically available for new occupants. Clutter is anything that distracts from a buyer’s ability to feel at home, and this may include personal treasures of the current occupants of the space. Elizabeth will identify those elements that may be distracting or translate as "clutter" to a potential buyer and advise on ways to create a space helps a potential new owner immediately feel at home. This is a very important aspect of preparing a home for sale. Since it is hard to be objective about personal possessions, it can be invaluable to have assistance with this aspect of the process.
  • Maximizing Advantages
The principles of Feng Shui can make a home's strengths more apparent. Elizabeth will work with what you have to show the best of what your home can offer. Recommendations will include optimal placement of furnishings and specific ways to use elements such as lighting and fresh flowers to enhance the home’s appeal.

Remember, whether you are a realtor or are preparing your own home for sale, Elizabeth provides a unique opportunity for success with this important transaction.

Consultations for Architects

Our ability to work with the subtle energies of buildings offers a unique and important service to architects and design/build teams. We can contribute at every stage of a project. Consultations are always customized to meet the needs of each client.

New Construction and Remodels

For those designing new construction or remodeling existing sites we offer the following services:

  • Recommendations for location and orientation of new construction
  • Analysis of floor plans to capture potential energies for prosperity and health.
  • Simple and practical ways to customize the floor plan with the current occupants.
  • Harmonizing any draining energies or disturbances in the land.
  • Energetically preparing site for new construction or demolition and remodeling.
  • Energetic work to support all stages and all participants of the project.
  • Blessing ceremonies for groundbreaking and at completion of projects.
  • Feng Shui analysis at completion of construction to support owners in creation of their new space.
Benefits are wide ranging, and include the following
  • An efficient timeline and smooth flow for all construction stages.
  • Harmonic relations and positive communication between members of the building and design team.
  • Healthy management of costs with projects that finish at or under budget.
  • A home which supports owners in all aspects of their lives, including relationships, health and prosperity.
  • The creation, overall, of a harmonious space in which people thrive.

Buildings exist to support the people who live in them. The tools of Feng Shui offer a unique opportunity to enhance the important work of creating healthy spaces. We would be privileged to assist you, at any stage of your project, in creating homes and businesses that serve your clients in all aspects of their lives.

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"Since my session with Beth, the feel and functionality of my classroom have improved dramatically. The transformation has been remarkable; children and visitors have exclaimed enthusiastically over the changes and the school year has been happier and more creative than ever before. On a personal level, I look forward to being in my room every day. I’m thrilled with the new infusion of energy and inspiration that has come into my teaching." ~ Katie Peterson, Educator