· Feng Shui for Business

Feng Shui for Business
Consultations to Harmonize Office and Professional Environments for Success

Each consultation is unique and designed to help you expand your business, support your employees, and better serve your customers. Your consultation will begin with an introductory session to determine your needs and the goals for your business. 

Our services will be tailored to your needs and could include the following aspects

  • Classical Feng Shui analysis to locate and enhance those areas with the highest potential to expand prosperity.
  • Special attention to administrative spaces, entry ways and common gathering areas in order to support the stability and fiscal well being of the organization.
  • Harmonizing of any draining earth energies or human imprinted energies. This can be an important aid to concentration and physical health in office spaces.
  • Analysis of indoor air quality and recommendations on ways to improve the health of the environment.
  • Ways to reduce draining effects of electromagnetic fields from computers and electronic equipment.
  • Recommendations for proposed remodels, color changes or renovation in order to improve overall flow and functionality of spaces.
  • Advice on signage and promotional materials to increase visibility.

Benefits include the following
  • The ability to attract the clients and customers that you desire.
  • Increased revenue.
  • More visibility and recognition.
  • Better concentration and productivity.
  • Improved health and well being for all who live and work in the space.

Consultations usually take place over a series of three to four visits. There are also times when a specific need can be addressed in a single visit. In either case we will create the plan that works for you. We will also support you and provide feedback as you implement the recommendations and changes we suggest.

There are many ways that Feng Shui can enhance your business and your life. We look forward to the opportunity to support the important work that you do.

Information: info@fundamentalfengshui.com
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Phone: 206-605-2506
Feng Shui and Power of Nature

"One of the reasons I hired Beth was to attract more clients to my practice. Within a week after following Beth’s simple instructions, I had a sudden increase in my business that has never dissipated. My health and relationships flourish as well. As I continue over time to implement the changes and additions that Beth and I discussed, my home becomes increasingly comfortable, and increasingly pleasing to the eye and to the soul. I unequivocally recommend Beth Schermer’s loving touch for your environment and your life."
~ Nancy Heller, Therapist