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Feng Shui for Home
Consultations in Homes

Homes exist to support the people who live in them. Because of this, your relationship with your home is one of the most important in your life. Elizabeth's consultations are customized to meet your unique needs and improve your home’s potential to support your life.

Your consultation will begin with an introductory session which includes an interview and a tour through your home. From the outset you will receive practical suggestions, Feng Shui tips, and begin to learn the ways in which Feng Shui can support and improve every area of your life.

Your consultation may include the following

  • Recommendations on ways to improve the energy flow and functionality of each room of your home.
  • Practical ways to use the principles of Feng Shui to expand your personal potential and meet specific goals in your life in the areas of health, finances, relationships, career, and creativity.
  • Locating and harmonizing potentially draining earth energies.
  • Space Clearing to harmonize human imprinted energies from previous occupants.
  • Ways to use your personal good directions for sleep, work and play.
  • Answers to questions about renovation, paint colors and remodeling projects.
  • Suggestions for reducing the potentially harmful effects of electromagnetic fields.

Clients consistently experience measurable benefits
  • Improvements in energy level, sleep, diet, and the ability to focus
  • Expanded prosperity
  • Professional growth
  • Improved family harmony
  • An overall sense of increased well being
All of the recommendations you receive will involve simple and practical ways to bring more balance and vitality to your home environment and your life.

Consultations usually take place over a series of one to three visits. There are times when a specific need can be addressed in a single visit, and other times when a more comprehensive approach will lead to fuller results. In either case Elizabeth will create the plan that works for you. She will also support you and provide feedback as you implement the recommendations and changes she suggests. If you have friends that own a business, then Feng Shui for Office is a great resource.

To Schedule your Consultation or for a complementary phone session for more information: Online Scheduling
Phone: 206-605-2506
Email: info@fundamentalfengshui.com
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"Fundamental Feng Shui is like therapy for your home. Beth combines comprehensive evaluation tools, compassionate listening and skillful intuition. I previously felt at cross-purposes with my home. Beth located and healed draining earth energies. She also understood the ways our environment could better support our family life, making simple and creative changes to living areas and bedrooms that really worked. Beth’s advice was both helpful and transforming and we are thriving." ~ Jane Pemberton, M.D., Cranio-Sacral Therapist