Feng Shui Services and Specialties
Specializes In Expanding Well-being In Every Aspect Of Life 

Elizabeth consults in homes and businesses as well as working with larger organizations, such as schools and retirement communities. She also sees clients for personal energy sessions in her Seattle office, and in distance phone sessions to clients all over the world. 

In all cases she specializes in expanding well-being in every aspect of your life. You may hire her to help with a specific health problem, such as insomnia; or to assist in an important transition, such as preparing to move into a new home; or to solve a persistent problem area, such as prosperity or relationships. She will diagnose reasons for the problem or imbalance, harmonize the underlying energies, and open potentials for your greatest good. 

Free Feng Shui Consultation for New Clients

If you are a new client Elizabeth offers a complimentary 20 minute phone session to answer questions and explain the ways she can support your needs. To schedule your free 20 minute session, please call 206-605-2506 or Email. 

Information: info@fundamentalfengshui.com
Personal Energy Work: Online Scheduling
Phone: 206-605-2506 

Feng Shui Consultations Overview and Details
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Feng Shui Arctitect

"Beth's work went far beyond my expectations. The insights and wealth of information were exciting and gave us a fresh relationship  with our home."

~Alexandra Immel, Architect