· Feng Shui Space Clearing

Feng Shui Space Clearing

Buildings absorb all of the energies of the people who have used the space as well as energies held in the land.    Many of the energies around us are nourishing, but there are always some that are less supportive.    The term "Space Clearing" refers to the act of harmonizing and revitalizing the energies within your home or workplace.  Through the process, any draining areas are located and transformed to create a healthy flow of energy throughout every room.

Some Causes of Stagnant Energies

Energy within a home becomes stagnant or draining for several reasons.

Draining energy in the physical space:

  • Indoor energy becomes stagnant over time because it is removed from natural elements and processes. 
  • Energy can also become stagnant in corners and unused spaces.
  • Clutter creates stagnant energy. 
  • Improper furniture placement can impede the flow of energy in a room.
Human imprinted energies from the past:
  • Toxic energies from previous occupants
  • Imprints from past events
  • Conflict or trauma imprinted in the earth that predates the current building.
Draining energies imprinted in objects in the environment:
  • Previously owned furniture
  • Ancestral or inherited items
  • Objects from past relationships
  • Relics and objects from other times or other parts of the world
Spirits or draining energies who need assistance:

Occasionally there are spirits present who need help in moving to a more appropriate dimension. These beings rarely hold ill will toward the current occupants, but their presence can be draining.

Bringing it All Together

Elizabeth is skilled at diagnosing and working with all of these energetic realms. She will carefully read the subtle energies of your environment and determine where there are obstacles holding you back from success.

The conclusion of every Space Clearing session is a powerful Blessing Ceremony to fully activate your home or workplace to support your highest good. The results of this healing work are powerful.

Space clearing can take place in the context of a full Feng Shui consultation or as a separate service. In either case you will experience a new appreciation for the living being that is your home!

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Feng Shui Clearing Energy Shapes

"Beth's visit to our new home was inspiring. She offered some great suggestions to help us connect to our home and, more importantly, cleared the space for new life and new Growth." ~Venetia Allen-Roven, Educator