Feng Shui FAQ

Feng Shui FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions About Feng Shui

What if you find something wrong with my home? Will I have to remodel?

Some people hesitate to have a consultation for fear that they will receive upsetting information or – even worse – that there will be problems that can’t be solved. In fact, the opposite is true. Our approach isn’t concerned with rules but with the relationship between you and your space. Where there are challenges, whether with layout or functionality, there is always a creative solution. Our recommendations are designed to be practical, economical and manageable within your situation. Above all, a consultation will bring clarity and understanding to the circumstances and help you find a solution that works.

I have read books on Feng Shui with conflicting information. How do I know what to do?

Because of the variety of approaches to Feng Shui and the amount of information available, it can be confusing or overwhelming to apply the ideas from books to your own home or workplace. A consultation can be a great introduction to Feng Shui and help you learn how to apply these principles to your unique environment. We will show you the positive elements of your space and how to maximize those, as well as explaining any seemingly conflicting information you may have encountered. You will also receive recommendations for helpful books and resources so you can continue to learn.

I have trouble sleeping. Can you help?

Good sleep is one of the most important aspects of health, and improving the quality of sleep is one of the priorities of every consultation. Clients with sleep disorders have experienced dramatic results from our work. The first step in a consultation is to identify the problems that contribute. A common cause of insomnia is related to sleeping in a draining field of earth energy. Where this is the case, you will experience immediate relief after the fields are harmonized. Other recommendations will relate to the placement of furniture and other objects in the room, as well as identifying your good directions for sleep and reducing the effects of draining electromagnetic fields.

I have a problem with clutter. Can you help me?

The short answer is: yes! There can be many reasons for clutter, but whatever the cause the consequence of clutter in your home is stuck energy in your life. A consultation will help you understand the reasons for clutter and harmonize any draining energies in your home or the land that are contributing to the problem. We will also work with you to create a practical and manageable plan for organization and “clutter control.” Clients with this problem commonly experience more energy after our work together and feel free to tackle projects that seemed insurmountable in the past.

Do I need to clear clutter and finish projects before a consultation?

People often postpone a consultation because they think they need to “get their house ready.” In fact, a Feng Shui consultation will make all of those projects much easier. Look forward to a consultation as an opportunity to expand your relationship with your home and don’t postpone because you think you’re not “ready.” Rather than thinking of a consultation as a one-time event, consider that Feng Shui can become an ongoing part of your life.

I have heard that my bed should face North. Is this true?

There are different systems for calculating good directions for sleep. In Classical Feng Shui we calculate a person’s “good directions” based on their year of birth and the particular energetic patterns of that year. Thus each person does have certain specific directions that are most energizing, but they aren’t the same for every person. One of the important parts of a consultation is learning about your good directions and ways to take advantage of them more consciously. This information is very useful for all aspects of daily life, including the direction your bed faces, the orientation of your desk and workspace, and the direction you face for meditation or any form of focused activity.

When is the best time to schedule a consultation?

Consultations are very helpful in a time of transition, such moving to a new home, beginning a new job, or ending a relationship. They can also provide support if any area of your life feels stuck or you want to manifest positive changes. Whether you want to expand potential for more prosperity and abundance in your life, or you intending to create a new job or a new relationship, Feng Shui can support that intention and help to create the reality.

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"Fundamental Feng Shui is like therapy for your home. Beth combines comprehensive evaluation tools, compassionate listening and skillful intuition. I previously felt at cross-purposes with my home. Beth located and healed draining earth energies. She also understood the ways our environment could better support our family life, making simple and creative changes to living areas and bedrooms that really worked. Beth’s advice was both helpful and transforming and we are thriving." ~ Jane Pemberton, M.D., Cranio-Sacral Therapist