Electromagnetic Fields

Electromagnetic Fields 
Feng Shui Approach to Environmental Energy Pollution 

Electromagnetic Fields, or EMF's, are one of the most important aspects of environmental pollution in the world today. EMF's are the fields created by electrical wiring, appliances, cellular phones, computers, satellites, and all of the technological devices we rely on in our lives.

All of life, including the human body, is composed of subtle electrical fields. The earth emits a natural electrical field, and our bodies are closely tied to this frequency, the frequency of the natural world around us. In contrast, the electromagnetic fields emitted by the technological advances in our world have frequencies hundreds, thousands and even millions of times stronger. Over time exposure to these fields can put stress on your system. Some people are more sensitive to EMF's than others.


The term "Baubiologie" refers to the science of creating healthy and life-supporting environments. One particular area of importance is identifying sensitivity to environmental toxins, such as certain chemicals and allergens that may be present in building materials, furnishings and cleaning supplies.

There are very simple methods and practices to reduce the effects of electromagnetic stress and environmental toxins on your body. An important aspect of a Feng Shui consultation is to identify practical ways to make your home or workplace healthier. A consultant will work with you to identify and address those elements that may be affecting your health and well being.

Clients experience significant benefits from dowsing and geomancy. These benefits include better sleep and improved energy levels. Geomancy can even help you meet personal goals. Removing draining earth energies from your front door, for example, can allow opportunities and positive change to more easily enter your life.

It is important to understand that there are creative and practical solutions available. It is possible to create healthy environments while still benefiting from the many miracles of the technological world. 

Feng Shui Answer to EMF Pollution

"My niece had trouble sleeping. Beth found and harmonized draining energy that ran though her bed. The next morning my niece informed me that she slept like a log. The

interesting thing was I hadn't yet told her about Beth's visit." ~Diane McCrimmon