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Geopathic Stress Clearing
Dowsing Techniques and Geopathic Stress 

The term "dowsing" refers to the use of tools such as divining rods or a pendulum to look for information. Many people are familiar with the traditional use of dowsing rods to look for water or minerals, sometimes known as “water witching.” What is becoming more understood and widespread is the use of these valuable tools for insight relating to all aspects of health and our relationship with the earth.

Elizabeth uses dowsing tools to locate human imprinted energiess (described in the section on Space Clearing) as well as various forms of draining earth energies. Once identified, she uses various healing techniques to harmonize and heal. "Geomancy" refers to this art of creating harmony between people and the energies of the earth.

Geopathic Stress

Earth energies and imprinted energies that are draining to humans are sometimes referred to as "Geopathic Stress." 

Exposure to geopathic stress can, over time, strain the body's immune system. The symptoms are varied, depending on your own level of vitality and the amount of exposure. One very common symptom is insomnia. If a person is sleeping over an underground stream, for example, their body may not be able to fully rest and rejuvenate and their sleep may be disturbed.

There are three common forms of draining earth energy found in many homes and work places. Elizabeth is adept at locating and harmonizing all of these various energy forms.

Underground streams of water can emit strong and draining energetic fields. This is because water is a medium for carrying energy, and underground streams tend to absorb the toxins and disturbance, both physical and energetic, from the earth that they pass through.

Magnetic earth lines are often part of an energetic grid of energy lines covering the planet. Some are also the result of stress from fault lines or underground streams. Some magnetic lines are nourishing to humans and some are draining. In general, earth lines contain denser fields of energy and need to be cleared and harmonized. 

Draining Vortexes are circular "footprints" of imprinted energy that create a draining field. These can be created by various forms of disturbance, either human or earth related. Sometimes they are also ancient power spots that need to be cleared and harmonized to the present time.

Clients experience significant benefits from dowsing and geomancy. These benefits include better sleep and improved energy levels. Geomancy can even help you meet personal goals. Removing draining earth energies from your front door, for example, can allow opportunities and positive change to more easily enter your life.

There are also energizing forms of earth energies, sometimes referred to as power spots or "positive vortexes." It can be most helpful to locate these areas of nourishing energy in your home, and apply intention to fully activate them. With conscious attention to these power spots you will increase your home’s ability to support your well being.

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Feng Shui and Geopathic Water Stress

"The results from Beth’s visit were immediate. Previously my savings account seemed to be dropping like crazy, almost out of control. The very next day this stopped, and my account has maintained a constant balance ever since. A second immediate result concerned my niece, who always had difficulty sleeping. Beth found and harmonized draining energies that ran through her bed. She moved the underground stream and the next morning my niece informed me that she “slept like a log.” The interesting thing was that I hadn’t yet told her about Beth’s visit!" ~ Diane McCrimmon