Energetic Feng Shui

Building a Foundation for Success


Elizabeth Schermer helps to bring balance, prosperity and well being to people's lives. Her work can identify and release underlying reasons for obstacles that are blocking your experience of success. She helps solve these problems so you can thrive. 

People seek Elizabeth's help for a variety of reasons, involving all aspects of their lives. Perhaps you desire to experience more ease and flow in your life? Perhaps you are experiencing financial stress, fatigue, or a chronic health condition? Perhaps you are in the middle of an important life transition, or you are wanting to attract new clients, move your office, or receive help with organization and clutter? 

Regardless of the original reason for seeking help, the approach is always holistic, working with all of the systems of energy that support your life. There are three basic forms of energy systems:

  • Energies in buildings - your home and workplace 
  • Energies in the earth - draining energies are known as "geopathic stress
  • Energies within your body - your personal energy system

In order for your life to be properly supported, all three energy systems need to be in balance. If there is blockage in one of the systems, all will be affected. The results will often show up as an area of difficulty or challenge in your life, perhaps in your physical health, or your prosperity, career or relationships. 

Elizabeth's consultations and personal energy sessions are transformative and can bring real change to your life. 

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"l inherited a large office with h a lot of clutter. Beth addressed the clutter issues and came up with an arrangement that made the room feel great. My new environment allows me to do the work I need to be in a creative  positive way. Beth's work in your home or office can make a real difference in your life!"

~Kimberly Kinzer, School Administrator